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HamBone Express virginia country hamWelcome to our home.  HamBone Express is dedicated to bringing you the finest Virginia Country Hams available at the best prices on the Internet.    Our hams are carefully selected and shipped to you within 24 hours packaged in the same type of hand sewn cotton bags our forefathers used several hundred years ago.

Because our hams need no refrigeration prior to cooking, many of our customers hang their hams in the kitchen where their wonderful aroma fills the senses.

Virginia Country Cured Hams are neither precooked nor sliced and require a little extra effort to prepare them, but we know you’ll agree they are well worth the time.

To provide you with the very best in flavor, our Virginia Country Cured Hams are cured with salt and sodium nitrate. Pepper coated and cold smoked with hickory and red oak.

If you are looking for the best tasting Virginia Country Cured Ham, you have come to the right place.  Please feel free to enjoy the recipes and then click the ORDER button to enjoy one of our mouth watering hams.

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